Downloadable HMI Apps for Industrial Automation

April 23rd, 2013 by

By Andy The

Following up on a previous post on touch and gesture HMIs, and their influence on industrial automation, here is an interesting article from Automation World talking about GEs Intelligent Platforms’ new Proficy mobile app.  Proficy is a downloadable application that enables a graphical & touched based HMI for industrial automation equipment.

It’s amazing how quickly the mobile consumer space is influencing the industrial automation market.  This one example just proves how usability is becoming just as important as the machines functionality.

Having powerful touch based HMIs creates a unique and powerful competitive advantage in the automation space.  The companies that aggressively pursue the next generation of touch based HMIs will become leaders within the market.

Today it is a downloadable HMI app to monitor automated machines via your tablet. Tomorrow it will be a wireless industrial app to reprogram the entire manufacturing floor.

Stay tuned.


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