EtherCAT and Vision, a perfect combination.

April 16th, 2013 by

By Andy The

I have posted recently on EtherCAT and its positive impact on Industrial Automation.  EtherCAT’s high precision and high bandwidth provide a scalable and powerful backplane for industrial control.  Another technology making significant contributions to Industrial Automation is machine vision.

As industrial automation capabilities have been increasing every year so has the demand for more capable sensors.  While sensors have definitely improved over the years, vision based control has emerged as the ultimate form of feedback for many control system.  Thanks to advancements in imaging sensors and imaging algorithms, machine vision provides the most precise data on moving objects.

What was once an analog camera connected to frame grabbers in PCs for image processing, is now compact machine vision cameras with Ethernetconnectivity.   Today’s machine vision cameras have embedded processors to perform the high speed image processing and Ethernet for system connectivity.

Ethernet communication is the common bond between EtherCAT based control systems and the machine vision cameras that enabled high speed and high precision operation.

Machine vision and EtherCAT based systems are just starting to percolate within industrial automation.  I predict it won’t be long before you see the rapid adoption of EtherCAT and vision based industrial control.


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