The Intersection of High Tech and Medicine

March 27th, 2013 by

By Andy The

High tech’s influence on medicine and the benefits it delivers are profound.  Whether it’s a 3D ultrasound to model an unborn baby, or a bionic arm to help a wounded veteran resume his/her life, the technological capabilities being used to help humankind are humbling and awe inspiring.

While high tech gadgets are fun and interesting, technology is at its very best when enabling breakthrough medical advancements that are saving and changing peoples’ lives every day. Interestingly, high-tech medical applications result from a complex blend of many different technologies and engineering disciplines.  Advanced materials, sophisticated software, electronics, and mechanics all must come together in unison to create a medical device.

There is a wonderful article in, that talks of how the Ekso robot is helping the paralyzed walk again.

Many of you have seen the movie Iron Man and while Ekso is far from what you see in the movie, I find Ekso even more significant because it gives a paralyzed person an opportunity to live a life of independence.


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