Wireless and Industrial Automation. An odd couple.

March 26th, 2013 by

By Andy The

Without wireless access and the constant feed of data it provides, I’d be lost.  When I do lose wireless access, I hold up my phone at odd angles in the hope that I can connect to some distant wireless tower or WiFi hotspot.  Living a 24/7 connected wireless world is a convenience many of us take for granted.

The  appetite for wireless connectivity is increasing in an unlikely place – industrial markets. They are beginning to adopt wireless networks for the same reasons as consumers: customers want to have flexible, easy to install equipment without all the challenges of running physical wires.

A short time ago it would have been unthinkable to consider wireless communications in a manufacturing setting that had mission critical operations.  Physical wires were the only sure way to guarantee communications.  Today new industrial wireless protocols are being developed that provide the same levels of reliability as wired networks, without the hassle of dealing with routing wires.

A top-notch  article in Design News discusses the wireless trends in industrial automation.

Perhaps one day soon we will see the first wire-free factory…except for power cords, for now anyway.


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