RTOS Platform with EtherCAT

July 29th, 2016 by

The RTX real-time RTOS platform with EtherCAT combines Windows, x86 multicore, multiprocessors and EtherCAT to deliver full-range real-time automation. This can go a long way in enhancing industrial operations as well as automation tasks.

The RTOS platform can deliver unmatched industrial automation solutions by increasing the power and value of Windows, x64 multiprocessors, x86 multiprocessors, hard real-time software as well as real-time Ethernet. The platform also enables developers to use Microsoft’s Visual Studio single integrated development environment to enhance productivity.

EtherCAT on the other hand, is an open technology that plays an integral part in ensuring high speed communications but, can also facilitate acquisition of Safety Inspection Level 3 certification. RTOS platform enables developers to build application engines for high performance and precision systems. The RTOS platform operating on EtherCAT significantly wipes out the need for propriety real-time hardware like, MCUs and Digital Signal Processors. Additionally, it provides improved performance and a streamlined development environment at a reduced cost.

The RTOS platform can effectively drive scalability for real-time applications. Through the platform, you can conduct real-time application processing of up to 63 cores on just one machine. It offers scalability with x86/x64 to build next-generation products. Besides, it also enables designers to gain full control over processor load balancing and up to 128 priorities for threat scheduling.

The platform guarantees total hardware independence such that designers will not need custom hardware in order to deliver real-time application processing. The real-time engine can be re-programmed for new product that has been shifted to another form factor.

There are quite a number of benefits that can be attained through the RTOS platform including;

  • Reducing the product costs of the computing platform
  • Reducing the time taken to put up next generation products into the market
  • Lowering the costs of production and support of products
  • Growing market share by creating new markets that have previously been hard to penetrate.

Since the RTOS platform with EtherCAT is full-equipped with all the required tools for industrial automation, it also saves quite a lot of time.


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