Google vs Microsoft’s Windows 10 IoT

September 29th, 2017 by

In computing, the technology that was in use yesterday is not the same technology that is being used today, and certainly will not be the same technology used in the future. This is particularly true of IoT Core technologies and the development of real-time operating systems.

Microsoft adopted the idea of IoT Core technologies and incorporated it into their most recent operating system, Windows 10, in order to produce an extension that is meant to be used by developers to produce applications for relatively smaller devices in the computing world.

However, it is not just Microsoft that has made use of IoT Core technology. Recently, Google has also leveraged IoT Core technology in their various applications. One of the most significant areas of application is the cloud. The cloud IoT Core has been presented as a secure and reliable service that enables the user to connect and manage collected data from other interconnected devices that are distributed across the globe.

Windows 10 IoT Core

The primary advantage of the cloud IoT Core as it has been used by Google is that it makes the collection, processing, analysis and presentation of the relevant data from the various areas of an application possible in order to facilitate a real-time view of operations. Ina real-time environment, Google has managed to ensure real-time monitoring of the various operations,enabling the company to improve the overall efficiency of their processes.

Microsoft developed an extension of its latest operating system to come up with a Windows 10 IoT Core. This operating system was meant to be used by developers to facilitate the development of  applications that are meant for small devices. The specialized operating system has been made available to consumers to download and use in accordance with their respective needs. Currently, Windows IoT Core supports a few devices that run on ARM processors and is still gaining momentum among the user base.

Microsoft believes that Windows 10 IoT Core is a good operating system that takes computing to a new level of realizing the potential of real-time. Windows 10 IoT Core has been designed to give the user the most natural interfaces, making searches seamless, and has brought the idea of cloud computing closer to the user. In these ways and more,  IoT Core has been equipped with powerful tools that are used to facilitate the development of various applications.

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