Internet of Things (IoT) Management

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To achieve the full value of the Internet of Things (IoT), a business must shift their focus to the value-added services they stand to gain from IoT-generated data and how they can combine that data with their business assets and legacy systems. This data mashup applies across different verticals, as unique IoT business models can be used whether they are external, mobile, channel partner focused or internal. All of these strategies, however, are made possible by the core IoT software layer that organizes the finished vertical solutions. This software creates a foundation for the connected IoT with capabilities such as:

Internet of Things

  • Configure and manage: allows remote management of completed solutions from edge to data centers with a consistent user experience.
  • Connect and protect: use APIs to foster interoperability by securely connecting and managing things remotely using real-time getaway control features.
  • Data services and analytics: allows the utilization of intelligent algorithms to optimize performance as well as the use of world-class data center technology to securely transmit, analyze and store big data.
  • Rapid service creation: enable easy and quick process integration, broker APIs with partners, and mash up IoT API data with operational systems.

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IoT API Management Solutions

API Management

API management solutions are software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings that manage and package APIs on-premise portals and enforce traffic while analyzing API metrics. These solutions empower developers to interact, discover and test APIs in order to speed up the creation of IoT applications.

API Security and Brokerage

API security and brokerage capabilities simplify partner and open API programs with the mobile-friendly developer on access/board, PCI certified SaaS environment and API key management. They also facilitate the application of enterprise-level security mechanisms like threat protection, brokering across security domains and identity system integrations.

API Creation and Monetization

These solutions create and publish APIs to partners and end users by deeply integrating sensor data, networks, legacy systems and business processes. APIs also support different business, payment network, and billing models.

Emerging end-to-end IoT solutions allow governments, businesses, and individuals to collect, derive and analyze meaning from data to boost organizational performance and outcomes. With the right expertise of IoT systems,architectures,gateways, things, cloud, network, solution and service creation layers, your business can capitalize on the power of the Internet of Things.



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