Why Windows IoT Core is the Right Solution For You

May 11th, 2017 by

When you decide to leverage Windows IoT Core, you are guaranteed to have an extraordinary experience with IoT. IoT Core simplifies everything over the Internet by powering devices that add quality to Windows solutions. This includes updates to devices, security, and management of those devices. IoT Core is the tiniest version that comes with Windows 10, and has been designed in a very unique way so that users are able to connect things that are of varying types and sizes.

IOT Core

Easy connection of devices

IoT Core includes very powerful tools for easily connecting devices. The tools will connect your devices to the cloud regardless of the platform or even protocol being used. There are no questions about compatibility. In this way, IoT Core can dramatically impact your business goals.

That is because it’s a platform designed with very high commercial viability levels. It will always be ready to achieve your targets and give the best returns for your investment. IoT Core will make timely and effective updates to the Windows PC and more.


IoT Core is very secure

Looking at the Windows family, it is evident that IoT Coreis the most secure. You do not have to worry about attacks on the tool since there is enough protection in place. There is nothing as worrying as experiencing security attacks. With IoT Core, that is not a concern.

IoT Core is an openstandards solution. That means it allows for interoperability between IoT devices that are independent of the operating system. This version of Windows also adds an intelligent edge that helps differentiate you from the competition. In case you’re worried, this is a complete version of Windows 10 and their relationship is crystal clear.

IoT Core is ideal for powerful devices used in enterprising industries like healthcare, manufacturing and retail. Whatever industry you work in, IoT Core is an excellent choice when you are looking to be connected to the cloud with precision decision making.


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