Assign a Network Interface Card (NIC) to KINGSTAR

To assign a Network Interface Card to KINGSTAR:

  1. Start the Control Panel

KINGSTAR Control Panel is bundles with KINGSTAR Runtime. By default it is located at C:\Program Files\IntervalZero\KINGSTAR\bin\ControlPanelMain\KingStarControlPanel.exe.You can start it throught he following procedure:
Click Start >KINGSTAR 4.0 Runtime > KINGSTAR Control Panel. 

  1. Choose the Runtime Settings in the Tools shortcuts of the KINGSTAR Control Panel. When you click Runtime Settings, the User Account Control dialog box may ask if you want the installer to make changes to your device. Click Yes to continue the installation.

  1. Runtime settings provides a friendly user interface that allows you to configure several KINGSTAR settings without tedious steps. Click on "Network Interface Cards".

  1. Click in front of the NIC you want to assign to KINGSTAR. The system will ask if you want to assign this card to KINGSTAR. If you click OK, it will be assigned to KINGSTAR.


  1. Check the KINGSTAR icon is in front of the card. The card can now be used with KINGSTAR.