Real-Time TCP/IP Stack

RTX64 provides deterministic processing and networking capability through an optional RT-TCP/IP protocol stack within the RTSS environment. In order to maximize portability between RTX64 and Windows, RTX64 provides an API that conforms to a subset of the functions defined in the Windows Sockets 2.0 (Winsock) specification for Windows. For more information, see Using the Winsock API.

IMPORTANT!  The RT-TCP/IP stack must be installed and requires a valid license.

To view a list of supported network cards, go to or contact IntervalZero Customer Support.

The driver source code for all the supported network cards are included in the RTX64 SDK as examples of developing Real-time Network Device (RTND) drivers.

NOTE:  Abnormal termination of RTSS applications with open sockets that use the RT-TCP/IP Stack might cause a Blue Screen or Green Screen. This is particularly likely when there are active communications at the time the abnormal termination occurs. This applies to applications killed using RtssKill, or exited without using the WSACleanup function.

A device interface may also become unresponsive if abnormal termination occurs while the interface is streaming data out. When this occurs, there is no way to stop the RT-TCP/IP Stack or Subsystem. You must reboot the machine.




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