Real-Time Considerations

The RT-TCP/IP protocol stack for RTX64 has been configured such that IP fragmentation is enabled in the protocol stack by default, and payload sizes are limited to what can fit in a single Ethernet packet.

The following table specifies the optimized buffer sizes that may be used in this release with send, sendto, recv, and recvfrom.

Optimized buffer sizes

Socket Type Optimized Buffer Size (bytes)





TCP/IP Default Parameters

To change the Hal timer period using the Control Panel:

NOTE:  Use caution when setting the HAL timer period below 20 microseconds. If the HAL timer period is set too low it can inversely impact performance or cause your system to hang. Fully test the timer period you set with your real-time application on all systems on which you will deploy to verify that the hardware can accomplish the compilations required in the period set.

  1. Open the control panel.
  2. Click Configure the RTSS Subsystem > Change internal system behavior.
  3. Select a period from the HAL timer period (microseconds) drop-down menu. The available values are:

If you have configured a custom HAL timer period not listed in the drop down menu, you can type it in.

  1. Restart RTX64 for your changes to take effect. If you plan to make additional changes that require a restart of the Subsystem, make all of the changes first and then restart RTX64 when you are finished.

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