RTX64 Support for Windows 11 Updates

Like Windows 10, Microsoft considers Windows 11 to be a service.

Windows 11 has two types of updates:

  • Feature updates add new features to Windows 11. These updates occur once per year and can be postponed for up to 365 days.
  • Quality updates deliver both security and non-security fixes for all supported Feature updates. Quality updates are released monthly and typically have names like KB12345. Quality updates are cumulative and can be postponed for up to 30 days.

To ensure the success of our customers, IntervalZero tests each new Windows 11 update in-house on supported RTX64 product versions. See below for the results.

Last updated: 2024-05-16

RTX64 Runtime is incompatible with the Windows Memory integrity security feature

Windows updates might enable the Windows Memory integrity security feature, which is not compatible with RTX64 Runtime. This feature must be turned off to avoid issues with RTX64 Runtime. After Windows updates are applied, you can check the status of the Memory integrity feature — and turn it off if it’s enabled — in the Windows Security app under Device security / Core isolation / Core isolation details.


Windows 11 Support

The tables below list the current RTX64 compatibility testing status for each Windows 11 update version.

There are three test status types:

  • Active – IntervalZero actively tests the update as new revisions are released (typically on a monthly basis). See Windows 11 Updates Actively Tested below for a listing of the KBs we tested.
  • Ended – The update has reached its End of service and is no longer actively updated by Microsoft. IntervalZero has stopped testing the update, since Microsoft will not be introducing breaking changes.
  • Not supported – The update is not supported by any RTX64 product.

All dates are listed in ISO 8601 format: YYYY-MM-DD

Servicing channels

Windows 11 update version

Servicing option

Availability date

Latest revision date

Latest OS build

Status of compatibility testing with RTX64


General Availability Channel





Support in RTX64 4.4 was confirmed in January 2024.


General Availability Channel





Support was added in RTX64 4.3.

21H2 (original release)

General Availability Channel





Support in RTX64 4.2 was confirmed in February 2022. Full compatibility with that version requires RTX64 4.2.1 or the Tools Update for RTX64 4.2, available from the Customer Center.

Windows 11 Updates Actively Tested

Listed below are the Windows 11 updates that are actively tested for compatibility with RTX64. Click on a link to view the KBs tested for that update.


About Windows 10 Updates

For a listing of RTX64 compatibility testing status for Windows 10 update versions, visit RTX64 Support for Windows 10 Updates.


About Windows 7 Updates

We do not proactively test Windows 7 (64-bit) monthly updates since such updates can be disabled. As far as we are aware, there are no known issues since the initial Meltdown-Spectre issue which was fixed in Update 1 for RTX64 3.3.  If you encounter an issue with a Windows 7 (64-bit) monthly update, please notify IntervalZero Support so that the issue can be investigated.