Acontis Technologies releases EtherCAT Master Stack AT-EM For IntervalZero’s RTX hard real-time software for Windows

Nuremburg, Germany (March 2, 2010) – Acontis Technologies GmbH of Weingarten, a specialist in developing software for embedded systems, today announced the release of its EtherCAT Master Stack AT-EM for US-based IntervalZero’s RTX hard real-time software for Windows.

Real-time Ethernet capability and IntervalZero RTX, which extends and controls the Windows’ operating system to enable deterministic hard-real time, are both key components in enabling a Soft-Control Architecture. Soft Control makes it possible for machine and equipment builders to contain all their control logic in software – ending the long dependence on proprietary chipsets, boards, and networks.

Acontis’ EtherCAT Master Stack AT-EM is a leading product in EtherCAT Industrial Communications. Leading companies world-wide rely on the product for its rich functionality.

Acontis announced it has released its EtherCAT Master for both IntervalZero RTX 2009, which has symmetric multi-processing capability, and RTX 8.1. AT-EM EtherCAT Master stack software architecture was specifically optimized for symmetric multi-processing environments to guarantee minimum latencies and jitter when running on IntervalZero’s RTX 2009.

Real-time Ethernet – sometimes referred to as Industrial Ethernet – makes it possible for solutions to be deterministic. The tight synchronization of control messages between the PC and remote devices (e.g. motion control, digital musical output) can be done in real-time, with tightly bounded cycle times and event response.

A machine’s control logic and Human Machine Interface can run on a single industrial PC and communicate using an open-standards communication and IO interface, to any remote device that is part of that equipment.

There are four key elements in a Soft-Control Architecture:

  • Real-time Ethernet capability, which can be delivered by Acontis’ EtherCAT Master Stack AT-EM
  • Multi-core chipsets
  • Microsoft Windows OS
  • A symmetric multiprocessing-enabled real-time extension to Windows, such as IntervalZero’s RTX 2009.

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