Adeneo Embedded and IntervalZero announce U.S. collaboration on Soft-Control Architecture initiative for Machine Tool OEMs

New architecture gives OEMs breakthroughs in throughput and yields; improves production quality; enables a more compact physical footprint; and reduces costs

Bellevue, WA and Waltham, MA (5/28/2009) – Embedded Software Developer IntervalZero and Systems Integrator Adeneo Embedded, both Microsoft® Windows Embedded Gold Partners, today announced a U.S. collaboration aimed at accelerating machine tool OEMs’ transition to a Soft-Control Architecture.

Executives from both companies said that migrating to a Soft-Control Architecture will give OEMs competitive advantages and product differentiation by delivering breakthroughs in throughput and yields; in production quality; in a more compact physical footprint; and in cost reductions of 25-50%.

The foundation for a Soft-Control Architecture in hard real-time environments is an Integrated Real-Time Development Platform comprising Microsoft Windows, multiprocessor x86 architectures, and IntervalZero’s RTX 2009, which provides real-time operating system functionality as an extension of Windows, and enables real-time symmetric multiprocessing (SMP). IntervalZero’s RTX 2009 releases in early June.

IntervalZero CEO Jeffrey Hibbard said, “the OEMs that will benefit most from a Soft-Control Architecture are those that have complex Human-Machine Interfaces, require precise coordination of multiple tasks, and need deterministic hard real-time performance.”

By leveraging RTX 2009’s native SMP support on multiprocessor architectures, and its tight integration to the Microsoft Windows’ environment, Hibbard noted that OEMs get a Soft-Control Architecture that moves the hard real-time control logic, such as PLC or motion logic, from specialized hardware components to software components. The software runs on multi-core, industrial-strength commodity x86 processors and uses both Open Standards and Standard Communications Architecture, such as USB and real-time Ethernet.

“Adeneo Embedded is a great Partner for us in this initial U.S. initiative because they understand the tremendous power of a Soft-Control Architecture and have expertise at all levels – Windows, our RTX software, system integration, design, training and support – to enable OEMs to make this beneficial transition smoothly and quickly,” said Hibbard.

“With more than 10 years experience in designing Embedded systems for Industrial, Medical and Automotive markets, Adeneo Embedded has built extensive System Architecture expertise in the development of hard real-time solutions,” added Yannick Chammings, Adeneo Embedded CEO. “Combining IntervalZero’s RTX 2009 value with Adeneo Embedded System Integration skills will ensure smooth and efficient transition to a Soft-Control Architecture by providing an end-to-end solution to secure success – on schedule and with a total cost reduction.”

Both Chammings and Hibbard pointed out that that new standards and technology innovations are driving economic and operational benefits for machine tool OEMs, including Open Standards; advancing chip technologies (especially multi-core); real-time communications; COTS initiatives; and touch-centered usability.

Embraced individually, the opportunities will produce incremental benefits. Harnessed together in a Soft-Control Architecture they yield revolutionary benefits that change the game, Hibbard said.

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