IntervalZero’s RTX Technology Highlighted at Microsoft Webinar

IntervalZero’s Director of Product Management Andy C. The’ will be the lead presenter at a Microsoft-sponsored Medical Systems webinar at 11:30 AM (Eastern US Time) Wednesday, May 18.

The title of the presentation is:

Exploiting the Power of Real-Time SMP Multicore Software for Imaging and Diagnostics: Freeing Medical Systems OEMs from Architecture Constraints

The presentation can be heard live presentation live by registering here.

The presentation will also be available on-demand after the event and we will provide a link on our Web site.

Presentation Overview:

By combining Windows and IntervalZero’s RTX SMP-enabled real-time software to exploit the power and ever-increasing performance of x86 multicore multiprocessors, OEMs can reduce system-development costs, increase scalability, improve quality, differentiate products, and extend market reach.

The presentation will discuss:

  • Benefits OEMs can achieve from a single OS extended to provide hard real-time, SMP and parallelism; from a single code base and a single development team; and from an immersive, world class Windows interface.
  • Using standard, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware to slash costs. Unlike expensive proprietary DSP/FPGA hardware that must be pre-selected before the system is designed, COTS hardware is selected after the system is fully designed.
  • Targeting 1 or up to 31 cores from single SMP application to quickly scale an existing design, shrinking cycle times and getting products get to market faster.
  • Leveraging source code compatibility and hardware abstraction for portability. OEMs build a real-time engine once and repurpose it for a new product with an entirely different form factor.