IntervalZero adds Euphonix to growing Digital Media customer base; Large-format digital audio OEM adopts Soft-Control Architecture

WALTHAM, MA (April 20, 2010) – Real-time software developer IntervalZero Inc., whose RTX 2009 SMP is an essential component in Soft-Control Architectures that enable cost and performance breakthroughs for embedded OEMs, continues the steady growth of its Digital Media customer base with the addition of Mountain View, CA-based Euphonix, Inc.

Euphonix, a leading manufacturer of large-format digital audio consoles, media controllers, and peripherals, has provided customers worldwide with trusted broadcast, post/live sound, and music production solutions for more than 22 years.

IntervalZero CEO Jeffrey Hibbard said that adding RTX’s real-time symmetric multiprocessing capabilities to Windows-based, x86 multicore systems, gives Euphonix and other embedded OEMS “an opportunity to rethink their architectures” and reduce dependency on proprietary FPGA and DSP hardware.

“We’re encouraged that Euphonix quickly recognized the value that a Soft-Control Architecture with real-time SMP and parallel processing brings to their solution,” said Hibbard.

By leveraging RTX 2009’s native symmetric multiprocessing support on multiprocessor architectures and by taking advantage of its tight integration with the Windows x86 environment, OEMs can move the hard real-time control logic from specialized hardware components to software components.

IntervalZero is the market leader in Soft-Control Architectures for the Industrial Automation, Medical Systems, Digital Audio and Test and Measurement markets.

Euphonix consoles and controllers offer uncompromised design and fully integrated networked control of external workstations. They span the entire spectrum of media production, from the highest end professional installations to products designed for use in home and project-based studios. Products in the Pro Series line include System 5, S5 Fusion and Max Air consoles as well as the System 5-MC and MC Pro DAW controllers.