IntervalZero & Alta Data Technologies Form Avionics Partnership

Companies Will Provide Real-Time Windows Capabilities for Avionics Systems

Waltham, MA & Rio Rancho, NM (Feb. 27, 2012)Real-time software provider IntervalZero, Inc., and Alta Data Technologies, a leading provider of MIL-STD-1553 and ARINC interface cards, software and Ethernet convertor/appliances, have formed a strategic partnership to provide real-time Microsoft Windows capabilities for avionics applications.

Alta has integrated support for IntervalZero’s SMP-enabled RTX hard real-time extension for Windows, into its AltaAPI™ software development toolkit, facilitating development of MIL-STD-1553 and ARINC real-time applications on Windows platforms.

The AltaAPI development kit for PCI, PCI Express and Ethernet convertors is provided at no cost with Alta’s 1553 and ARINC products.

“Coupling RTX with Alta’s avionics interface products provides hard real-time capability for advanced test, simulation and embedded applications.  The AltaAPI package is a modular, portable development kit that is an excellent fit for our real-time Windows RTX platform. Moreover, Alta shares our customer commitment philosophy and provides best-in-class support,” said Andy The’, IntervalZero, Director of Marketing for 3rd-Party Partnerships.

Harry Wild, VP of Sales of Alta added, “Interval Zero is the leading provider of hard real-time software solutions for Windows, which is probably the most popular operating system in the avionics industry.  This partnership will allow customers to easily integrate our products on RTX platforms.  Alta shares IntervalZero’s goals to bring innovative technologies, streamlined business practices, increased product quality and cost reduction to the aerospace market.”

About Alta Data

Alta Data Technologies is leading provider of MIL-STD-1553 and ARINC interface cards, software and Ethernet convertor/appliances.  Provided at no-cost is an advanced, modular AltaAPI software tool kit that easily ports between operating systems and provides true, independent application support between device channels.  Alta’s Ethernet 1553 and ARINC convertors, PCI, PCI Express, PMC, XMC, PCCARD, VPX, cPCI/PXI and PCI Express interface cards are offered in multi-channel configurations for most platforms.

About Interval Zero

IntervalZero is the only Microsoft Embedded Gold Partner worldwide to offer a hard real-time extension for the Windows operating system. The RTX Real-time Platform streamlines and simplifies the development of complex systems. By leveraging x86 multi-core technology and symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) functionality, and by extending Microsoft Windows with the RTX real-time extension, the RTX Platform reduces costs, boosts quality and performance, and significantly reduces reliance on proprietary hardware such DSPs and FPGAs.