IntervalZero Adds Support for Intel’s Advance Vector Extension

IntervalZero Releases Service Pack 1 For RTX 2011

WALTHAM, MA  (August 24, 2011) IntervalZero today released Service Pack 1 for RTX 2011, its market-leading, symmetric multiprocessing-enabled (SMP) hard real-time extension for Microsoft Windows.

RTX 2011 SP1 supports Intel’s Advance Vector Extension (AVX), a 256-bit instruction set extension to Streaming SIMD Extensions (SSE) designed for applications that are floating point intensive.

AVX’s wider vectors, new extensible syntax, and rich functionality improve the performance of general purpose applications such as image, audio and video processing; medical systems, and industrial automation, all primary markets for IntervalZero.

IntervalZero CEO Jeffrey Hibbard said AVX support allows RTX developers to fully leverage Intel’s latest architecture innovations to maximize system performance while minimizing system costs and shortening time to market.

Hibbard said that RTX support for advancing technologies such as AVX is vital because “it increases the versatility of our solution. More and more devices and embedded systems need to deliver both general-processing computing – particularly a sophisticated user experience – and hard real-time computing from a single integrated piece of silicon. 

“As a hard real-time extension to Windows, RTX unifies RTOS and GPOS computing capabilities onto the x86 platform in a single, high-value platform for both non real-time and hard real-time needs.  Previously, it took two pieces of silicon to build a real-time device – one to handle the real-time needs and one to manage the Human Machine Interface (HMI).   Now the entire solution can be developed on a single platform and deployed on one board.  This cuts costs in half.”  

Additionally, Hibbard noted that SMP-enabled RTX allows customers to vary and expand their product offerings by deploying the same real-time engine to x86 systems with different numbers of cores.  For example, a customer in the multimedia industry could deploy a small-form-factor mixing board that can run the same engine on two cores that is running on a much more powerful 16-cores-plus board. 

RTX replaces real-time hardware such as DSPs and FPGAs, reducing system bill of materials costs by 25-50%, doubling application performance every 18 months, and providing developers with opportunities to open new markets through expanded product lines.

By leveraging RTX’s tight integration with the Windows environment, along with its native SMP support on x86 multicore multiprocessors, OEMs move the hard real-time control logic, such as programmable logic control, motion logic, and digital media algorithms, from specialized hardware components to software components.

RTX 2011 SP1 supports systems with up to 32 processors and has six Runtime editions, offering customers multiple options for choosing the level of SMP functionality required for their embedded systems.

IntervalZero is a Microsoft Embedded Gold Partner and was recognized by Microsoft in both 2009 and 2010 as a top partner in both North America and EMEA.