IntervalZero Releases RTX 2011: Most Powerful And Scalable Version of its Real-Time Software

Real-Time Windows’ Plug-in Supports Up To 32 Processors

WALTHAM, MA (Jan. 31, 2011) – IntervalZero, Inc., today released RTX 2011, the most powerful and scalable version of its market-leading real-time software plug-in for Microsoft Windows.

RTX 2011, which replaces DSPs/FPGAs and significantly reduces development costs for Windows-based systems that require hard real-time and that have a sophisticated user experience, provides support for systems with up to 32 processors. RTX 2011 more than quadruples the number of processors that were supported in a true symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) configuration under the previous RTX version.

Unlike traditional architectures that rely on two development environments and two independent systems to deliver both real-time and a sophisticated user interface, RTX is the only solution that can deliver a single, integrated system that executes a Windows-based human-machine interface and the real-time system that can scale up to execute in parallel on as many cores in a multicore environment as are required by the OEMs’ application. Additionally, RTX is the only 100% Windows-focused product designed to be an SMP architecture on a single PC.

IntervalZero also announced today that RTX 2011 has six Runtime edition options, giving its global customers increased flexibility in choosing the level of processor support required for their embedded systems today – with the scalability to meet future requirements.

The RTX 2011 runtime edition options range from Runtime Solo, which includes support for real-time operations on one shared or dedicated real-time subsystem (RTSS) processor in a uniprocessor or multicore/multiprocessor environment, up to Runtime Ultimate, which includes support for real-time operations on one shared or up to 31 dedicated RTSS processors.

“Throughout our key markets – Industrial Automation, Digital Media, Medical Systems, Test and Measurement – OEMs see multicore x86 as a disruptive technology they can exploit to rip costs out of their Bill of Materials. Moreover, Windows 7’s new user experience is an additional catalyst for change, increasing OEMs’ urgency to trade old menu-oriented systems for a new touch and gesture experience.

“They see that a combination of Windows 7, x86 and RTX is their opportunity to increase system performance, cut their costs, and get to market more quickly. And they recognize that with RTX’s increased processor support, as well as its SMP and parallel processing functionality, the tasks traditionally performed by DSP or FPGA hardware can be done with software. They find the economics of this Soft-Control Architecture very compelling,” said IntervalZero CEO Jeffrey Hibbard.

Hibbard said RTX 2011 is an essential component in innovative Soft-Control Architectures that many OEMs have already adopted to achieve system-development cost reductions of 25 to 50%, as well as breakthroughs in throughput and yields, in production quality, and in a more compact physical footprint.

By leveraging RTX’s tight integration with the Windows environment and its native SMP support on x86 multiprocessors, OEMs move the hard real-time control logic, such as programmable logic control, motion logic, and digital media algorithms, from specialized hardware components – FPGAs and DSPs – to software components.

Hibbard pointed out that IntervalZero is the only software vendor 100% committed to the Microsoft ecosystem and that as leading Microsoft Gold Partner working hand in hand with Microsoft and other Microsoft partners helps insure that customers get to market quickly with the highest-quality, longest-lasting solution.

About IntervalZero

IntervalZero is relentlessly focused on our customers and we share their pursuit of excellence. We strongly believe that continuous investment in strengthening customer relationships is essential for mutual long-term success.

IntervalZero’s customer-centered philosophy, combined with three decades of embedded software innovation and the proven value of IntervalZero’s RTX hard real-time software plug-in for Windows have enabled us to build a global customer base of market-leading OEMs and end users in Industrial Automation, Medical Systems, Digital Media, Test & Measurement, and many other industries.

IntervalZero is an award winning Microsoft Gold Partner.

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