IntervalZero RTX Highlighted at Events in France and Italy

Paris, France and Torino, Italy (5/14/2009) – The breakthrough capabilities of IntervalZero’s RTX hard real-time/symmetric multiprocessing software – and its fit in multi-core architectures and in the CNC market – will be discussed at separate events in Paris, France and Torino, Italy in June.

On June 9 in Paris, Fabrice Boisset, IntervalZero EMEA Director, will give a presentation on RTX 2009, the newest version IntervalZero’s market-leading product, and its use in multi-core architectures. He will detail IntervalZero’s vision of the emerging economic and performance opportunities for machine tool OEMs who take full advantage of the power of multi-core processing.

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On June 11 at the Microsoft Innovation Center in Torino, Gianluigi Magnasco of IntervalZero’s partner company Sitec of Italy, will speak about RTX 2009’s value in CNC markets and opportunities. Registration is available at