IXXAT announces IntervalZero RTX Drivers for CAN Boards

Weingarten, Germany (5/14/04/2009) – IXXAT Automation GmbH, a leading supplier of products and services for the data communication in industrial and mobile systems, has announced the release of an IntervalZero RTX driver for one of its CAN boards, and said it will soon release RTX drivers for other CAN boards.

IXXAT’s communication solutions like CAN Boards, CANopen software and tools are used by companies worldwide in applications such as machine control, elevator technology, marine automation, commercial vehicles, military and medical technology.

The first RTX driver will be available for the intelligent CAN board iPC-I 320/PCI as this board is very interesting for hard real-time solutions. The next boards that will be supported are the high-end board iPC-I XC16 and the USB-to-CAN.

US-based IntervalZero designs and develops embedded software products that deliver deterministic, hard real-time capability. The company’s RTX software allows embedded systems developers to take advantage of the Windows® environment and form factor, and also solve scheduling, prioritization and control challenges. RTX is a self-contained real-time subsystem that bypasses the Windows scheduler to provide the desired deterministic hard real-time response.

IntervalZero CEO Jeffrey Hibbard said, “IXXAT’s excellent products are used in many of the key markets for RTX – motion control systems, military systems and medical systems. The release of an RTX driver for CAN is very positive for us and it affirms the value that RTX can deliver.”