RTX 2009 SMP Real-Time Software To Be Highlighted at Hitex Multicore Seminar

Please note the date of this event has changed to Feb. 10, 2010

IntervalZero’s RTX 2009 SMP real-time software will be highlighted at the Hitex Multicore Seminar on Jan. 13, 2010 in Reading, UK.

The Hitex seminar will examine the impact of multicore on embedded technology and explore ways embedded developers can maximize the advantages that multicore processors offer – from the perspective of both hardware and software design.

RTX 2009 SMP, which extends the capabilities of the Microsoft Windows operating system to deliver hard-time functionality, is an essential component in a powerful new Soft-Control Architecture that is changing the basis of competition for embedded OEMs.

By leveraging RTX 2009’s native symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) support on multiprocessor architectures and its tight integration to the Windows’ environment, OEMs get a market-leading Soft-Control Architecture that moves the hard real-time control logic, such as PLC or motion logic, from specialized hardware components to software components. The software runs on multicore, commodity x86 processors and uses both Open Standards and Standard Communications Architecture, such as USB and real-time Ethernet.

Hitex, an IntervalZero Partner company, is a leader in the field of embedded development tools.

The Hitex seminar will include an overview of RTX 2009 SMP for multicore. Two RTX 2009 SMP lab sessions will be also be offered: Building a Multithreaded RTX Program for Windows Embedded Standard; and Optimising RTX Applications Using Intel Tools.

Seminar attendees will have an opportunity to test the latest programming, simulation, debugging and performance analysis tools.

For additional information please visit www.hitex.co.uk/multicore