Solutions Provider ADDI-DATA Offers IntervalZero RTX Drivers For PCI-Express boards, PCI boards and CompactPCI boards

RHEINMUENSTER, Germany & WALTHAM, MA  – (May 2012) – ADDI-DATA, which provides solutions for quality control, process control, signal switching, data acquisition, motion control, and position acquisition, has announced that it is offering drivers for IntervalZero’s RTX hard real-time software for real-time measurement, regulation and control applications on numerous interference-free PCI-Express boards, PCI boards and CompactPCI boards.

IntervalZero’s symmetric multiprocessing-enabled RTX transforms Microsoft Windows into a hard real-time operating system (RTOS), and is a key component of IntervalZero‘s vertically integrated RTX RTOS Platform.

ADDI-DATA, a long-time IntervalZero Partner, noted that because RTX supports multicore multiprocessing, users can perform several application tasks simultaneously on different processor cores. Also, because RTX supports Message Signalled Interrupts (MSI) it can offer better real-time ability on the PCI-Express boards.

Message Signalled Interrupts greatly reduce the interrupt latency and the CPU overhead involved in servicing interrupts, boosting general system performance as well as I/O responsiveness, both critical to embedded applications.

The MSI functionality increases the amount of the interrupts available per board – up to 32 interrupts. This solves the problem of sharing interrupts with other PC components which can cause conflicts when using real-time applications.

The following signal types can be used for real-time applications – digital, analog, counter and serial interfaces.  ADDI-DATA said its boards are especially suited for industrial use and are robust, reliable and have lengthy product lifecycles to secure its customers investments.

IntervalZero General Manager for EMEA Fabrice Boisset said, “We’re very encouraged by the continued strong support for RTX that our Partner ADDI-DATA provides. They deliver high-quality hardware solutions. They have an outstanding track record and an excellent reputation in the Industrial Market.

“Our long-term relationship with ADDI-DATA enables us to better serve our Industrial customers. Clearly, ADDI-DATA is an important aspect of our RTOS Platform strategy in the area of Industrial I/Os”.

IntervalZero is a Microsoft Embedded Gold Partner and for the last three years has been recognized as a leading Gold Partner in EMEA and in North America.