Everything You Wanted to Know about a Real-Time EtherCAT Solution

November 11th, 2016 by

The use of a real-time EtherCAT solution for Ethernet is increasingly becoming popular at an exponential rate. Ethernet is used as a layer of physical communication for the automation technology. Today, real-time Ethernet solutions are very popular in industrial automation technology. In fact, Ethernet has already established itself at the command level in factory networking as well as inter-control communication.


Despite having made progress, Ethernet is facing challenges at a field level. For instance, it is yet to be optimized to send frequent, short messages. Star topology, which is commonly used for switch Ethernet, causes excessive cabling as well as highly cascaded dependencies in communication.

New solution

EtherCAT is the new system. EtherCAT simply means Ethernet for Control Automation Technology. This system is very fast. From the viewpoint of Ethernet, the EtherCAT fieldbus is simply one large Ethernet device with the capability of sending and receiving Ethernet telegrams.

Why the popularity

Real-time EtherCAT solution for Ethernet is gaining increasing popularity in industrial automation technology for various reasons. A major reason for this popularity is the fact that this system can replace fieldbuses. Therefore, only a single computer is required in a network. This way, this system helps in the optimization of the processes between IT and production level.

EtherCAT makes it possible for users to release high performance controls for machines. It is also capable of exchanging distributed signals with the cycle times that are below 100μs.Devices can also be addressed through one Ethernet telegram that has numerous EtherCAT commands. This leads to an improved rate of data usage. Another advantage or reason why this system is becoming increasingly popular is the fact that EtherCAT does not depend on transmission speed. It is being used for or with 2GB and more, without requiring modification.


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