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August 31st, 2016 by

IoT Core refers to a Windows 10 version that is designed for smaller devices. It utilizes the extensive and rich universal Windows Platform in creating great application solutions. This version leverages the cloud-based infrastructure, data mining and analysis to bring Windows power to smaller devices while making integration of richer experiences with natural interfaces for user, online storage, cloud based services and searching easier.

About Universal Hardware & Platform

The universal Windows hardware and platform API enables the user to write an application with a cloud-based backend for processing and uses it on the device that supports Windows.

Arduino Wiring API

This Windows 10 version supports Arduino Wiring API which is very easy to use. It is used in Arduino libraries and sketches for direct access to hardware.

Visual Studio

With this Windows 10 version, it is possible to develop personal applications using the latest free version of Visual Studio Community Edition by Microsoft. Visual Studio is a development tool with a professional quality that has been massively adopted and utilized by developers and it includes a code editor, universal applications templates, a powerful debugger and rich language support among others.

Connecting the Dots

The open source framework can be leveraged with this Windows 10 version an open source framework enables you to connect a device to Microsoft Azure cloud for process and data analysis. With Microsoft Azure, it is possible to implement amazing application solutions in the cloud. You just need to leverage advanced analytics solutions or services available to you for free in Microsoft cloud-based services.

IoT Core Requirements

The requirements for this version of Windows 10 depend on if you want the version to run in headless mode or headed mode. There is no video display for headed devices and Microsoft uses the vide subsystem or Windows in addressing it. There is no display for headless devices. Headless devices should have a memory of 256MB RAM while headed devices should have a RAM of 512 MB. Processor should be 400MHz or even faster.


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