Learning More About Real-time PC Spy Software

June 27th, 2017 by

Growing technological advancements have led to the development of software that protects and enhances technology. A good example is real-time PC spy software that allows you to monitor your computer system remotely. You can view the activity logs at any time and from anywhere via secure real-time spy software. The software does not require physical installation to capture everything users do on your PC. Its features include:

Real-time PC

Real-time activity, screenshot and keystroke viewing

As the name “real-time PC spy software” implies, you can view how your PC operates in real time. You are notified when an application is run and about website visits and PC usage. Additionally, it displays what PC users are typing in realtime, as they type, and shows screenshots every few minutes to ensure accurate visual monitoring.

Centralized multiple PC logging

You can log into and record multiple PC activities remotely from one location without the need for extra configuration. You just click the PC username to view logs and activities. PC logs are stored and categorized automatically by computer names and user names to allow easy access and management.

Top 10 activity reports

In case you are not in a position to view PC activity in realtime, real-time PC spy software allows you to activate a top 10 activity report feature. The feature displays the top 10 PC activities by your most active and idle users, Windows usage, website usage, applications usage, file usage and internet connections and usage, among other factors. It is an ideal feature for busy people who do not like micro-management; they get a recap of the days’ activities to stay informed and assured that their businesses are running appropriately.

Easy archiving and log management

Real-time PC spy software features a member’s area that allows you to manage logs, all PC information and individual logs within seconds. The logs and useful activity history can be archived and downloaded for future referencing or storage. To get the archived information, you just need to search the logs for specific details like the date the information was archived and where it was stored.

Chat conversations

Most businesses that depend on online presence use the live chat feature to communicate with clients in realtime. PC spy software allows you to monitor chat conversations in realtime or much later through the top 10 activity feature. This feature supports the latest messaging application versions like Skype, AIM, Google Talk, AOL, Yahoo Messenger and AOL Instant Messenger among others.

Real-time PC monitoring is essential not only for your business operations but also for ensuring PC safety. The real-time notifications feature can alert you before an attempted hack is implemented or before malware is installed. Once installed, spy software will run invisibly and help keep your business secure.


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