Outsourcing Safety: Does it make sense?

April 25th, 2013 by

By Andy The

Outsourcing labor to reduce costs or to maximize efficiency makes sense, but I would never have predicted outsourcing safety.  However, if you take a minute to think about the concept it can sense from both a financial and feature perspective.

There’s an  interesting article from Automation World about the recent partnership between Hilscher and Mesco to outsource safety.

Industrial automation continues to experience advancements in performance, but unfortunately these advancements bring along added danger to human operators.  Today’s automation equipment comprises extremely powerful motors that without implementing proper safety systems can surely injure and sometimes kill

The top priority for all manufacturers is to maximize production and to reduce costs.   Safety, although absolutely necessary, distracts from maximizing production and lowering costs.   By outsourcing safety to 3rd party specialists, manufacturers can focus on their core competencies to increase production efficiencies while never compromising safety.

Another added benefit by outsourcing safety is that it provides a platform for standardization.  These safety companies can work closely with the safety standards bodies to manufacture systems that comply with the highest safety ratings available.  And because entire companies will be focused on only providing safety systems, efficiencies can be achieved so that these systems can feature rich and affordable for all manufacturers.

The idea of outsourcing safety initially struck me as odd, but after some thought I believe it is the direction industrial automation has to go in order to have advances in both performance and safety.




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