Real-Time Ethernet: Why It’s THE trend

September 30th, 2013 by

By Fabrice Boisset

IBC2013, a premier annual conference and exhibition for the Digital Media industry, concluded recently in Amsterdam after attracting a record audience of nearly 60,000 over six days. Not surprisingly, Audio Over Ethernet and the emerging AOE standards, Audio Video Bridging (AVB) and Ravenna, were prominent among the IBC3013 newsmakers.

In fact, the interest in and adoption of real-time Ethernet – with its potential for cost and performance breakthroughs – is on the rise in a number of markets IntervalZero focuses on.

We have a growing customer base in the Digital Audio market and we see momentum building for both AVB and Ravenna – particularly among digital audio workstation and mixing console manufacturers. This is an additional signal that real-time Ethernet will be force in this market as both AVB and Ravenna rely on real-time Ethernet protocols to provide a new paradigm in handling audio input/output.

An August post to this blog highlighted the great future of Industrial Ethernet and today we are seeing that almost all new projects in Industrial Automation, our primary target, are starting with real-time Ethernet requirements, replacing field buses. EtherCat, Profinet and others are becoming de facto standards for industrial communication.

In the same way that we see real-time Ethernet emerging as a force in Digital Audio and Industrial Automation, we also see GigE Vision providing a new path for PC-based vision systems. It has always been an attractive solution for handling image transfer from the camera to the PC memory, but the availability of 1GB and now 10GB NICs makes it obvious.

All the industries mentioned here share the same requirements for their next-general equipment or devices. They must deliver better throughput and reduce their costs. Real-time Ethernet is a key factor is helping our partners and customers in various domains to achieve these goals.

Real-time Ethernet is here to stay.


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