What you Need to know about RTX64 Software

August 26th, 2016 by

RTX64 software enables developers to take advantage of the form factor and Windows environment. It also enables developers to solve the challenges that accompany prioritization, scheduling and control. RTX64 software is a real-time, self-contained subsystem that is capable of bypassing Windows’ scheduler in providing the desired hard real-time and determinism response.

RTX architecture

The RTX architecture provides a true extension of Windows because it does not isolate Windows. It also does not affect or modify Windows infrastructure. When this separation is maintained, RTX real-time subsystem ensures that the RTX-based applications are capable of surviving Windows crashes.



The design of an RTX real-time subsystem is based on a high-speed scheduler. This uses both pre-emptive and priority driven algorithms. It supports close to 997 independent processes. Each of these processes support unlimited threads. 128 levels of the assignable priority thread assured fine-grained control over the applications. Basically, RTX64 is native to 64-bit RTX implementation, which can access 128GB of the non-paged memory as well as 64-bit genuine performance.

Greater flexibility and functionality

The IntervalZero’s embedded application helps the industrial automation, aerospace and defense, digital media, medical systems, robotics, semiconductors, measurement and test industry to meet greater flexibility and functionality demand at a very cost-effective price. This real-time software provides greater flexibility and functionality while increasing test systems’ performance that are highly dependent on personal computers.


Some downloads RTX64 software files are flagged as being high-risk by the attachment manager of Windows. This is a standard behavior of Windows in the environments with specific security policies. Nevertheless, the high-risk label should not be interpreted to mean that downloaded files are unsafe.


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