Why IntervalZero’s RTX64 for Windows 10 is a Game-Changing Technology

September 9th, 2016 by

The Windows PC is one of the most pivotal innovations in the world of technology. In fact, rarely will one mention computers without mentioning Microsoft’s Windows operating system. However, years of innovation has brought into play the need for Microsoft to develop a more interactive touch screen and cloud-based operating system to keep up with the competition from the likes of Apple. Microsoft has recently introduced Windows 10 as the answer to the interactive, user friendly and seamless yet powerful answer to Apple and Google as an efficient and powerful operating system for PCs. In the world of industrial automation the introduction of Windows 10 is welcomed with open arms and represents a game-changer in machine automation. However a real-time processing power of Windows 10 is the main hook that will allow for mass adoption of Windows 10 in industrial automation. Thanks to IntervalZero, clients using Windows 10 can now enjoy real-time operating system (RTOS). A RTOS comes with numerous advantages.

For instance, industries that use real-time applications can now benefit from this real-time Windows IoT Core Single PC Operations on Windows 10. This will make it possible for those conducting machine automation for example, to do so without investing in expensive equipment. It means that they can turn their personal windows computers into a multi-tasking operating system with real-time processing power.


The RTOS integrated into Windows 10 gives maximum processing power of the system that provides more output whilst using all the resources of the PC, and still keeps all devices active. An RTOS is what makes embedded systems useful. It goes without say that applications are often small sized, making it possible for the real-time operating system to be used in embedded systems such as transport, among others.

While an RTOS is more suitable when used in dedicated narrow set of applications, the innovation by IntervalZero is what makes the application optimized without hurting the processing and speed of other applications that may be running on the operating system. N In the past it was difficult to imagine that a time would come when Windows would be transformed into a real-time operating system. However, the innovative RTX64 platform for Windows 10 has now made the impossible, possible

The RTX64 for Microsoft Windows 10, unlike its traditional innovations, can host multiple controllers on a single multicore PC. One of the most unique features about IntervalZero’s solution is that it does away with most of the redundant hardware costs. As if that is not enough, controller integration has further been simplified in this new solution. Controllers such as motion control and machine vision for instance, can now have access to the same deterministic enabled shared memory.

Yet again, the RTX64 and Windows 10 are co-resident. This has brought about a breakthrough such that operations data and controller performance can now be easily shared with Azure for IoT. In short, the RTX64 running on Windows for IoT Core offers a critical missing link that brings real-time performance to the potent Windows 10. This means that users can now consolidate all functions into a single platform personal computer without spending a fortune.


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