RTX64 and RTX Software

October 11th, 2017 by

There are a variety of ways to optimize your operating system to meet the needs of your business. A real-time operating system like RTX and RTX64 from IntervalZero is one of these methods.

RTX softwareisan extension that helps convert the Windows operating systems developed by Microsoft into a real-time operating system.Because RTX was one of the first real-time operating systems to be released for Windows,it is highly regarded in the world of technology.

RTX64 and RTX

The RTX system provides a powerful tool for Windows users that improves the user experience to gain access to real-time determinism of the OS. RTX software is heavily inclined towards the hardware abstraction aspect in order to activate the dedicated processors. The realization of a real-time computing environment is achieved successfully through the utilization of the various technical requirements of the given systems.

The RTX64 architecture also significantly improves the computing experience. One of the distinguishing features of the RTX64 and RTX systems is the ability to deliverareal-time experience to the user. In RTX64 systems, the real-time experience is realized by utilizing a multi-core symmetric multiprocessing environment (SMP). This has been seen as one of the primarybenefits that enables the RTX64 architecture to deliver a parallel computing experience.

The RTX64 system, just like the name suggests, is designed to operate on a purely x64 multi-core architecture. This opens up the opportunity to access the maximum non-paged memory allocation with regards to the allocated size of memory. Additionally, the RTX64 system brings a single point of control of the given systems, which is significant for housing the powerful vision components.

RTX64 makes it possible for the systems to easily control the existing hardware to produce the desired software functionality without the overall need to exhibit extensive hardware knowledge. While the RTX64 system is more powerful than the RTX system, both can apply to a vast range of areas in real-time computing environments such as Windows operating systems.


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