Understanding IntervalZero’s RTX64 Software

July 6th, 2017 by

RTX64 software is a real-time high-performing extension that was designed to control Microsoft Windows. It has been tested in many demanding applications and provides enhanced control, performance, unmatched dependability and scalability effectively while reducing time and market costs. It enables developers to utilize the Windows environment and solve prioritization, control and scheduling challenges. RTX64 is a unique subsystem that is designed to bypass Windows scheduler in real-time to provide desired results within the shortest time possible.


RTX64 deterministic, Hard Real-time Performance

Microsoft Windows is respected globally for its world-class user interface and use of top-notch development tools among embedded systems. However, Windows scheduler fails to offer the control and prioritization required for critical threads like simulators, measurement systems, robots, machine vision and test systems. They require hard real-time deterministic responses. RTX64 is designed to cater to these scenarios that may cause Windows to crash. Applications that use RTX64 software can survive Windows crashes because the software is installed as a Windows extension.

RTX64 Design

RTX64 software is designed as a high-speed scheduler. It relies on priority-driven and preemptive digital signal processing algorithms to implement commands. It simultaneously supports close to a thousand independent processes that hold unlimited threads.

Flexibility and Functionality

As noted above, RTX64 software is a uniquely designed, high-performance, real-time extension that controls Windows and survives even after Windows crashes. As such, it has been used to enhance demanding applications in industrial automation, digital media, medical systems, aerospace and military defense. These industries were the first to embrace embedded applications because they allowed them to meet greater functionality and flexibility goals at a very affordable price.


When downloading the RTX64 files, Windows may flag them as high-risk. It is important to note that Windows does this to protect its security policies. Do not interpret the high-risk label by Windows as a threat to your computer or to mean that the files you are downloading are unsafe. Follow installation instructions to the letter after downloading.

RTX64 software was designed for people and industries seeking faster Windows functionality and reduction of crash instances. Most high-speed and automation-demanding applications are run on standard Windows PCs. These are applications that should not fail. They need strong software that is detached from Windows, like RTX64, to speed up response and flexibility.


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