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RTX 7.1 Stability Update

11/20/2009 – This optional update contains stability improvements to the loading and unloading of the RTX subsystem on XP systems, along with fixes found in update RT-TCPIP_0407_71.

RTX 7.1 - RT-TCPIP_0407_71

5/8/2007 – This update fixes the following issues:

  • A call to the closesocket function always returned the WSAEINPROGRESS status message.
  • The NumStartupEvents warning message appeared too often.
  • The Rt-TCP/IP stack reports a false collision if the Stack starts up while other nodes are trying to communicate to it.
  • 82543gc driver Receive and Transmit interval delay values were changed to be inline with Intel recommend performance value.
  • The Netmask parameter from the RtxTcpIp.ini file was not being applied correctly to the Ipv4 address.
  • IPv6Address can now accept AUTO as a case-insensitive parameter.

The patch adds the following functionality:

  • Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) table is now configurable.
  • The Rt82543gc driver had support added for use of location information.
  • Subnetting can now be configured via the optional IPv6Prefix field.
RTX 7.0 - RT-TCPIP_0407_6570

5/4/2007 – This update fixes the issue of the closesocket call always returning WSAEINPROGESS, irrelevant of the socket state.