Innovate With RTX Hard Real-Time Platform;
Revolutionize Cost/Performance Model

Complex systems requiring hard real-time or deterministic behavior have long been constrained by a hardware-first, application-second design cycle. This restrictive and inefficient approach has also forced each generation of product to be built from the ground up.

IntervalZero’s RTX, a symmetric multiprocessing-enabled hard real-time extension of the Microsoft Windows operating system, reverses the priority of that build cycle. The result: significant and measurable cost, performance and go-to-market benefits. All on standard Windows PCs.

With the RTX Real-Time Platform your team is not limited by hardware and can build the hard real-time software application that will meet your markets’ needs. Once your performance requirements are set your team can select the appropriately powered multicore PC to satisfy those requirements.

The concept is straightforward. Consistent with Moore’s law, PC chip makers continue to double performance every 18 months, but traditional embedded architectures have seldom capitalized on the gains. No other hardware platform – DSP, FPGA, MIPS, PowerPC – matches the PC industry’s track record or roadmap.

For more than a decade, IntervalZero has been developing a real-time platform, which is similar in concept to those of iPhone and Android with their pre-built components. The difference is that the RTX Hard Real-Time Platform is specifically designed to build larger-form-factor, hard-real time systems – systems that require an operator (e.g. CNC, medical equipment, music mixing board applications).

IntervalZero’s RTX real-time software is the key component of a standard, pre-integrated real-time platform for building the many complex hard real-time applications that also require the sophisticated user interface that Microsoft Windows provides.

IntervalZero has long believed that commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) PCs would be the foundation of this platform, and today’s x86 multi-core multiprocessor-powered PCs provide you with opportunities to both change markets and to create new ones.

This implementation requires a change in mindset. It’s not about cost per watt; it’s about harnessing endless power of x86, x64 and ARM chips.
We look forward to an opportunity to discuss the table at right that highlights the pre-requisites for market-leading solutions.