Software Engineers

Take on a game-changing system design challenge;
Double application performance every 18 months

Consistent with Moore’s law, PC chip makers are relentlessly doubling performance every 18 months. These gains are unmatched by any other real-time hardware architecture.

To build breakthrough embedded systems, leading companies realize it is vital to harness the power of the PC architecture and double performance with each generation of PC chips.

The emerging and exciting challenge for software engineers is to design a real-time engine that is parameterized so threads can be distributed in parallel to multiple cores in a multicore system. As new PC chips come to market with double then number of cores, this hardware can be exploited by updating a parameter.

As engineering teams exploit this new deployment paradigm companies will be able to identify and seize new market opportunities.

For more than a decade, IntervalZero has been developing a real-time platform that empowers software engineers to create applications first, without worrying about hardware limitations.

The RTX Hard Real-Time platform, which comprises the Windows OS and IntervalZero’s RTX hard real-time extension of Windows running on x86 multicore multiprocessors, is similar in concept to those of iPhone and Android with all the pre-built components. The exception is that the RTX Hard Real-Time Platform is specifically designed to build larger-form-factor hard-real time systems – systems that might require and operator (e.g. CNC, Medical Equipment, music mixing board applications).

We look forward to an opportunity to discuss the table at the top right of this page that highlights the pre-requisites for market-leading solutions.