4 Reasons to Consider Windows 10 IoT Core

August 25th, 2017 by

A smaller version of Windows 10, designed to help you build connected items of all types and sizes, is known as IoT Core for Windows 10. It has better user control and experience than just your normal usage of IoT.

Window 10 IOT

Advantages of Windows 10 IoT Core

  1. Cloud computing – Remote backup and Storage

OneDrive, Microsoft Azure and Office 365 already exist in the technology ecosystem. Many individuals and organizations are using one or more of the cloud offerings for individual purposes. You can improve the user experience by applying for cloud benefits to your IoT device.

Cloud Computing

Your smart device can still be small, since you do not need to add a chip to store all your data. You can utilize one or two cloud services to test, store data, execute code or for sharing among smart devices across different platforms. Your device will keep as much data as needed and process it as required like a full-fledged computer would do.

  1. Configure Smart devices with PowerShell

Many admins of Microsoft Azure use PowerShell to maintain and configure nodes. When one of those nodes is a smart device which runs on Windows 10 IoT core, it will work as Windows 10 IoT Core interprets and processes PowerShell commands. You will not need to learn a new language for updating and configuring the smart devices; you can use PowerShell, which you already know. Just enter commands for configuring, upgrading and securing the connected smart device.

  1. Familiar user Interface for end Users

For other operating systems, you need to code for the display in your smart device. Window 10 IoT Core provides a familiar interface for users. Users can perform set up, navigate, and do things which would prove confusing or difficult on other IoT systems. While the initial configuration, upgrades, and updates will be pushed by the smart devices’ vendors, resulting in occasional troubleshooting, users can be easily assisted via chat or phone because the user interface is popular with the majority of computer users.

  1. Easy Windows Network Implementation

If you have to create a network of one machine running Android, two machines running Kali and another one on Windows, how easy will it be to configure the network? Or imagine a network containing five computers which run on different Windows 10 versions? Compare these to a network run on Windows 10 computers only and you can see why you need Windows IoT Core on your smart device.

Windows IoT Core is already proven in the market. Microsoft has demonstrated a variety of projects that were completed with Windows 10 IoT Core, like an animated weather app, air hockey robot and a clock radio which has IoT capabilities. It’s clear that Windows 10 IoT Core is a powerful tool for your smart devices.




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