Answers to Most Pressing Questions about Windows 10

October 7th, 2016 by

Perhaps, you have burning questions about Windows 10. Maybe you are wondering whether upgrading to the latest version of Windows is a good idea. Here are some questions that you might need answers for regarding this Windows version.

How much does an upgrade cost?

When Windows launched the latest version, upgrading was free for one year for those running Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 in their devices. However, those with earlier Windows versions or those who failed to upgrade at this time can buy this version of Windows Home for $10 and Windows Pro for $199.

How does the latest Windows version work on desktop, tablets and Windows phones?

The ultimate goal of Microsoft is to ensure that its latest version is the only operating system that powers the devices of its customers. Continuity is basically the company’s driving force. The latest version of Windows knows when the user is interacting with mouse and keyboard or even the touch screen. It reacts accordingly to the commands of the users. When using a mouse or keyboard, the operating system treat users to the experience of a standard Windows. When using a tablet, users encounter a Start Menu that is finger-friendly and fullscreen apps. The interface transforms to a tablet mode smoothly when the keyboard is popped off on two-in-one devices.

How compatible is it with apps?

The aim of Microsoft is to enable its customers to purchase apps from its store and have them run in all devices. These apps are universal and they adopt different forms for the devices where they are used. This can be a PC or a tablet.

What are the improvements of Microsoft’s operating system onWindows 10?

The latest Windows version beefs up Snap. This function enables you to arrange apps quickly using the quadrant layout. This layout enables you to split display among four apps. This version of Windows also provides multiple, virtual PCs support. This means that you can keep enterprise apps in a similar place and slide to a desktop with Reddit and blogs as you please. It also has a button for viewing tasks that is always on your taskbar. Once you click on it, you get a quick view of the open files, desktops and windows.

Generally, Windows 10 comes with new features that function very well in modern, powerful devices. It also brings innovative tools for getting things done quickly.




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