How Windows 10 IoT Core is Transforming Businesses Digitally

October 26th, 2016 by

Windows 10 IoT Core is meant for Smart applications that bring in intelligence in business. Many IoT devices will use Windows 10 as their operating system. This is due to Windows 10 having more security than previous versions. Windows 10is manageable and capable of connecting to other servers, devices and the Azure cloud. These are all part of Microsoft’s IoT solution. IoT powers smart devices so that they can run analytics and provide time-sensitive decisions, maximize security, perform crucial local computations and still operate various solutions reliably while reducing the cost of bandwidth.


Windows 10 IoT has capabilities that make it commercial ready. It allows you to utilize your latest devices to their potential. Windows 10 IoT helps you in keeping your business and personal devices current with the latest features, app updates, security updates, device management.Further developing on tools with such as languages asC, C#, Node.js and Visual Studio IDE is also possible


IoT utilizes an open based standards approach while enabling interoperability with consumer IoT devices that depend on protocols, OS and platforms. The platform that is at the core of IoT solutions is Windows 10. Windows 10 IoT can connect peripherals, sensors as well as the cloud making IoT ideal for most businesses.


Currently, Windows 10 is the most trusted version of Windows ever due to its enhanced security capabilities. This version of Windows is capable of defending users against security threats while providing a predictable, safer device experience. It comes with trusted boot, secured boot as well as Bitlocker. It also provides lockdown capabilities for a device such as USB filter and Write filter. This help the user in keeping their device safer from modern threats or malicious attacks.


IoT core solutions bring intelligence to modern businesses. IoT has powered smart devices, making it possible for businesses to make time-sensitive decisions. It provides a user interface that employs natural language, bringing intelligent devices to life. The Windows 10 that is at the core of IoT optimizes IoT solutions for different services. This has brought interoperability across different platforms while allowing for even better experience that are transforming businesses digitally. IoT is capable of working with different devices enabling users to monitor their assets using the cloud. By doing so, IoT core is improving efficiencies while driving operational performance to enhance innovation and leveraging advanced analytics for data.


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