Important Tips & Tricks for Using Windows 10

December 7th, 2016 by

Although Windows 10 is now main stream after being around for more than a year, some people are yet to familiarize themselves with its features. Here are some of the tips and tricks that should help you use the latest version of windows effectively.


Start Menu

Windows 8 removed the Start Menu that many people loved so much from their desktop. This was clearly a controversial move. However, the new version of Windows brought it back. In this latest update of Windows, the start menu comes with a fresh paint lick. Next, the section for All Apps is now showing by default. It looks different from how it looked in Windows 7. Perhaps, this is because it brings in the Live Tiles of Windows 8 which makes it more interactive. An important tip for utilizing the start menu is tailoring it to your needs. For instance, you can pin the apps that you use most and make some of them appear smaller or larger.


This is among the major features of Windows 10. This digital assistant is a competitor of Google Now or Apple’s Siri. It has been utilized by users on Windows Phone for some time; however, you now have it on your PC or tablets with Windows 10. You can find Cortana adjacent to the Start button on your desktop. Although Windows 10 allows you to type, it also lets you say “Hey Cortana”. Simply click on Cortana’s box and then on a cog icon that comes up. A tip on how to use this feature is to edit the feature so that you can enhance its service delivery. For instance, you can type or say, “Show me December photos.” This assistant takes granular requests like “Remind me to go for milk tomorrow at 6 am.”

Windows Ink

This trick is applicable if your device has a stylus and touch screen. The Surface Pen or stylus was useful before; however, more emphasis is now on the use of a Pen in handwriting notes and drawing sketches. Just a single press on the button brings up inking area that shows 5 ink-capable applications that have been used on the device. A tip for using this feature is using the Windows 10 Ink Workspace. This can be displayed by tapping on the icon that is found on the notification section. You can also handwrite your appointment note so that Cortana can provide the option of setting it as a reminder event in your calendar.


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