Learn More about Real-Time Applications of Cloud Computing

October 28th, 2016 by

There are many real-time applications of cloud computing. Cloud computing is enabling businesses to take advantage of the latest technologies without having to spend fortunes on costly software, hardware and IT services. Today, many businesses and companies have embraced cloud computing and they are using it in different ways. Here are some of the most common ways through which businesses are applying cloud computing.


Emails are some of the most popular communication methods that businesses and companies use today. This service is evolving at a very fast rate becoming more reliable and faster. Today, most businesses are always email campaigning clients and using emails to store important data about their customers. Through cloud computing, webmail clients can use cloud storage while providing analytics surrounding email data from any location globally. Companies are also using cloud-based SaaS apps to enable access to enterprise information instantly from any location. Ideally, cloud computing has made it easier for companies and businesses to executive internal processes smoothly. It has enhanced communication and information dissemination across all company departments throughout an organization..


Cloud computing has made it easier for employees, clients and businesses to collaborate with ease. Sharing files and documents has been made easier by cloud computing. This has enhanced connections that are easy and less time-consuming. Google Wave for instance enables users to create files then invite other users to edit, collaborate with the files or comment. Collaboration with cloud computing is the same as instant messaging. However, it provides complete, specific tasks that take just hours instead of months to accomplish.

Data storage

Many businesses are using cloud computing solutions to store crucial data. Data that you store in a business or home computer can only be accessed when using that device. However, cloud computing enables you to store and access your data any time, anywhere and from any device. This storage is also secure because you get a unique password and username that ensures that only you can access your files online as well as encryption of the data. There are several security layers for cloud storage and this makes it extremely difficult for hackers to access the data in the cloud. Virtual office

Perhaps, the most popular among all real-time applications of cloud computing is the ability to rent software (i.e. SaaS) rather than use it. For instance, Google Docs can be used to run a virtual office. Other solutions include Microsoft Office Live and Think Free are also available.


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