Learn More about the Advantages and Popularity of Windows PC

October 14th, 2016 by

Windows PC refers to a personal computer that runs on a Windows operating system. Windows can be defined as a graphical operating system that Microsoft created in 1985. However, Microsoft has been continuously upgrading this operating system over the years, leading to the emergence of numerous versions of Windows. Today, Windows is one of the most popular operating system due to a multitude of reasons. In fact, most home and office computers run on Windows operating systems. Here are the three major reasons why many people prefer using Windows on their personal computers.

Hardware compatibility

The Windows operating system is compatible with different PC hardware types. It is compatible with the oldest to the latest hardware of personal computers. It has a range of compatibility with memory chips, processors, USB devices, expansion cards, motherboards and internal disks drives from SATA and PATA. With this range of compatibility, Windows is capable of fitting in numerous systems of computing tasks. Although the basic standards for CPUs and motherboards trace their origin back to the first IBM PCs, building a personal computer without hardware support would not be possible. This is the major advantage of the Windows operating system.

Software support

Windows provides a wide range of customers to a plethora of software. Therefore, most software programs that are available in the current market are designed to operate primarily on or with Windows. Although some software applications are possible to install on Windows and other operating systems like Mac OS, most software releases are made for a single operating system. As a brand, Windows is recognized globally such that software and games alike feature the logo of Windows prominently on their packaging. This helps in preventing confusion while reinforcing the comfort and safety status of the product for use.


Although the mouse driven interface concept in home and office computers was initially pioneered by Apple with their Macintosh computers, Microsoft Windows popularized the standard in the 1990s. Email and the internet’s arrival and subsequent home PCs proliferation made Windows the brand that people associated primarily with home computing. Consequently, Windows PC and its user interface were made synonymous with modern computing. Presently, Windows is the most recognized and popular operating system in the world, due to its earlier work and successes.



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