What You Need to Know about Windows 10

September 23rd, 2016 by

Windows 10 refers to a Microsoft operating system for personal computers (PCs). The company described this version of Windows as one that introduces “universal apps” while expanding on the Metro-style apps. These are the apps that are designed to run on any channel such as PCs, smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles and wearables with identical code. Such devices include Xbox One, embedded systems, Windows Holographic and Surface Hub.

Revised interface

This version of Windows comes with a revised user interface. This enables it to handle the transition between the mouse-oriented interface and the touch-screen optimized interface whose basis is the available devices especially on the 2-in-1 personal computers. There is an improved Start menu in both interfaces that incorporates Windows 7’s elements in the Start menu with Windows 8 tiles.

What is good about Windows 10?

This version of Windows bridges the existing gap between tablets and PCs without anyone being alienated. The new operating system combines the best aspects of the old and features of the new Windows to provide a cohesive package. This Windows version corrects almost every misstep of Windows 8. There is an almost painless upgrade process that is free for most users of Windows 7 and Windows 8.

What is bad about this Windows 10 version?

For users who are not concerned about the touch, majority of the new features will end up being lost. Forced, automatic updates might be a problem in the future. The Cortana’s features of this Windows version are ideal for Smartphone devices.

Generally, Windows 10 is an innovative upgrade of Windows devices. It enables Microsoft to cater for the needs of traditional PC and modern handheld devices users.


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