What You Should Know Before Considering Windows CE Replacement for Android

December 15th, 2016 by

There are many reasons why you might think about Windows CE replacement for Android. Both Windows CE and Android have the same multimedia features. However, navigation features are different and this is the major reason why many people think about this replacement.


Multimedia features like Radio, Bluetooth, CD/DVD are the same. The only difference between Windows CE and Android version becomes visible when one presses the navigation button or moves to their navigation menu on the main screen.

An Android unit presents the loading screen of Android OS, depending on the duration for which the unit was powered on. The home screen of the Android OS can also appear. Basically, you would expect the home screen with an Android phone. However, note that what you see is the older Android version at 2.2.

From this home screen, you have to choose what you intend to do, such as employGoogle Maps for navigation. This program is therefore supplied with Android units. However, you must have active data connection to use the program all the time or a WiFi connection. Thus, if you do not have a hotspot or ability to buy data, you cannot use Google Maps. Nevertheless, you still have the ability to navigate while using Google Play store in downloading the offline navigation programs like Copilot. These programs store maps on the SD card of your phone. You will still need at least a temporary internet connection so that you can download the app.

However, if you have internet on-the-go or WiFi, you can use your Android phone to do more than simple navigation. For instance, you can download apps while driving. It is also important to note that Bluetooth is strictly on the side of multimedia rather than Android OS side. Therefore, Bluetooth is not available on Android OS since these are separate hardware.

Windows CE

Unlike Android, Windows CE units take you to navigation software when you press the navigation button. The software is provided in the SD card. Occasionally, if the phone has been powered on for the first time, the navigation console screen will appear providing direct access to the “.exe” file of the phone for navigation software. However, after this, the phonet will load automatically. Windows CE interface does not appear. Instead, it loads and goes away. This is the major reason why you might consider Windows CE replacement for android.



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