Why are Windows PCs So Popular in Industrial Automation?

August 12th, 2016 by

Windows refers to a meta-family of graphical operating system that Microsoft developed and marketed globally. It comprises of many operating systems families with each catering for a specific computing industry sector. Among the active families of Windows include Windows Embedded, Windows NT and Windows Phone. These can have subfamilies like Windows Server or Windows CE. As an operating environment, Windows was introduced by Microsoft on 20th November 1985.

Popular Operating System for Personal Computer

An operating system is in most cases pre-loaded in a computer when purchasing it. Although many people use operating systems that are pre-loaded in their computers, you can upgrade or change the operating system of your computer. Windows is perhaps the most popular operating system for personal computers globally. It is available in different versions including Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista. Windows is very popular because it is pre-loaded in majority of the new personal computers.


A Windows PC is compatible with most software programs in the market. Windows computers support software like games and other programs especially those developed specifically for Windows. Among the applications programs that made Windows so popular was Microsoft Office. Additionally, the world of Windows is filled with shareware and freeware. These are free to download and they can be used to do a multitude of applications with personal computers.

Windows Emerged Early

The major reason why Windows is so popular is because it was embraced by many enterprises early. Since it was used by many businesses first, it naturally filtered into homes because most people are familiar with it and used to it at the office


Reliability has not been an issue that could hinder Windows from becoming popular. People who have criticized the reliability of Windows appear to misunderstand the point. While developing Windows, Microsoft realized that for it to be successful, it must provide many features, such as ease of use and reliability. This has enhanced the intuitive nature of the Windows PC, making it very popular.


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