Windows 10: Analyzing the Main Features

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On the market since 2014, Windows 10 has become a dependable operating system for a majority of computer users. There are a variety reasons for its popularity, but a handful of features stand out. This version of the Windows operating system is loaded with capabilities that make the user experience of any computer enthusiast unique and memorable.

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Windows 10’s main features

Before deciding to use Windows 10, consider its main features. Enhanced multitasking is one of the features that will definitely entice any user into trying out this version of Windows. Who doesn’t like multitasking? Each and every computer user requires multitasking, because it helps to save time and increase output when handling tasks.

With that comes the “Multiple Desktops” feature that makes it easy for any user to run more than one Windows at the same time. You do not need to have a physical monitor in order to achieve that. Windows 10 allows you to set up a virtual desktop to accommodate additional Windows without causing any inconveniences. “Universal Apps” is another stand out feature that this version of the Windows operating system allows you to enjoy freely.

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Multitasking made easy

Multitasking ensures that the transition from one device to another is smooth. You will not notice the difference but the experience will be enhanced. The “Action Center” feature makes sure you get all your notifications in the same place. Every alert coming from all your apps and devices is collected under a single place, making them much easier to see and act on. Windows 10 also makes it easier to respond to the notifications.

Other key features of Windows 10 include a unified control/settings panel, continuum, project Spartan browser, Xbox app and Cortana on desktop. You need to have this version of Windows to have a firsthand experience of all that it offers.

While Windows 10 falls in the overall Microsoft operating system family, it has many differences from previously designed versions. The features listed above may make Windows 10 the best operating system for your needs.

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