Technical Support

IntervalZero provides support for the RTX/RTX64 products in the form of product documentation, video tutorials, add-on utilities, and help with issues via person-to-person support.

IntervalZero Support Login

Support Issues may be submitted via a login and password that was provided with your support agreement.

To contact Support by phone, please call 781-996-4481 (+1 outside the U.S.). At the auto-answer prompt, please Press 3 for Support.

Hours are Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. EST (excluding U.S. holidays).

Support Policy Information


Updated: 9/9/2016

Information on the IntervalZero RTX64 product lifecycle.

RTX 2012 and above

Information on the IntervalZero RTX product lifecycle for RTX 2012 releases and later.

Updated: 4/6/2016

RTX 2011 & 2009

Information on the IntervalZero RTX product lifecycles prior to RTX 2012.

Updated: 7/31/2015

IntervalZero Products

The IntervalZero Support & Maintenance Agreement.

Updated: 6/30/2015