IntervalZero Releases RTX64 3.3

10 月 30, 2017

Waltham, MA (October 26, 2017) – IntervalZero today released RTX64 3.3, the latest 64-bit version of its hard real-time software, which includes a number of new features, usability improvements, and resolved issues.

SMP-enabled RTX64 3.3 is a key component of the IntervalZero RTOS Platform that comprises x86 and x64 multicore multiprocessors, the Microsoft Windows operating system, and real-time Ethernet capabilities to outperform real-time hardware such as DSPs and reduce the development costs for systems that require determinism or hard real-time.

RTX64 3.3 provides new functionality, including Multiple Vector Interrupt support for MSI-X capable devices, and resolves a number of previously reported issues. See the product Release Notes for a full list of new features and resolved issues.

RTX64 3.3 is available through Partners and by contacting Sales: or (781) 996-4481.