IntervalZero to Showcase Real-Time, Single PC Operations on Windows 10 for IoT at Embedded World 2016

1 月 25, 2016

NUREMBERG, GERMANY – IntervalZero, the industry’s leading solution for transforming Windows into a real-time operating system (RTOS), will be showcasing its innovative RTX64 platform on Windows 10 for IoT at Embedded World 2016 in Nuremberg, Germany, February 23-25 2016.

Unlike traditional solutions, which required one controller per machine or Industrial PC, RTX64 for Microsoft Windows 10 will host multiple controllers on a single multicore PC. Uniquely, IntervalZero’s RTX64 solution not only eliminates unnecessary, redundant hardware costs, but also simplifies controller integration because all the controllers – motion and vision, for example – can access the same deterministic-enabled shared memory.  Since Windows 10 and RTX64 are also co-resident, this enables a breakthrough in the way controller performance and operations data can be shared with Azure for IoT.

Embedded World attendees can visit Stand 640 in Hall 4 for live demos of several components of the IntervalZero platform, including:

  • RTX64 running on Windows 10 for IoT. See how IntervalZero provides the missing piece – real-time performance – to the powerful Windows 10 for IoT, so that users can consolidate all operations onto a single platform PC.
  • Real-time machine vision. Learn how RTX64 incorporates the Matrox Imaging Library to overcome bottlenecks, increase system speed, and drive down costs.
  • RTX64 on Azure for IT for Industrial IoT. See how the RTX64 platform benefits the IoT industry and streamlines development of Industry 4.0 systems.

“We are excited to share IntervalZero’s game-changing technology with the Embedded World community,” said Jeffrey Hibbard, CEO of IntervalZero. “The IoT future demands a platform approach to industrial automation that can leverage a single PC to perform multiple deterministic functions, such as soft control, software-based PLC, and machine vision, in real time by sharing data in the cloud. RTX64 delivers on that promise at a fraction of the cost of past solutions.”

IntervalZero’s customer-centered philosophy combined with more than three decades of embedded software innovation and the proven value of its RTX hard real-time software have enabled the company to build a global customer base of market-leading OEMs and end users in Industrial Automation, Medical Systems, Digital Media, Test & Measurement, Military & Aerospace, and other industries.

IntervalZero is headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts and also has offices in Nice, France and in Munich, Germany. The company is a Microsoft Partner and gained Microsoft’s recognition as a leading partner in both North America and EMEA in 2009 – 2012.