IntervalZero’s Partner ecosystem is a major asset – both for our global Customers who seek to maximize the performance and the value of their embedded systems; and for our company as we strive to innovate and improve all aspects the RTX Hard Real-Time Platform, and to deliver industry-leading Customer service.

Embedded systems – particularly large-form-factor systems that require a sophisticated user interface – have lifecycles of 10-15 years or longer. With that in mind, IntervalZero has built long-term relationships with business and technology Partners worldwide that complement the RTX Hard Real-Time Platform and that provide vital technology, support, and services at every phase of our Customers’ products’ lifecycles – from product introduction; during the growth cycle of the product; through the products’ maturity’ and as the next generation of the products are developed.

Importantly, IntervalZero’s Partner ecosystem includes our top strategic Partners, Microsoft, Intel and AMD. Microsoft’s Windows operating systems, along with Intel’s and AMD’s x86/64 multicore multiprocessor technology are vital components of the RTX Real-Time Platform. For that reason, IntervalZero’s product roadmaps and product release schedules are guided by the Microsoft, Intel and AMD roadmaps. Being able to capitalize quickly on their innovations is important for our Customers to maintain their competitive advantage.

IntervalZero’s symmetric multiprocessing-enabled RTX software extends the Windows OS to deliver hard real-time or deterministic performance. Intel’s and AMD multiprocessors make it possible to replace hard real-time hardware – DSPs and FPGAs – with software components and enable embedded systems developers to double application performance every 18 months. IntervalZero has an 80% plus share of the Windows real-time market and more than 30 years of embedded expertise and experience.IntervalZero is the only Microsoft Embedded Gold Partner with a hard real-time plug-in for Windows. IntervalZero was Microsoft Partner of the Year in North America and EMEA in 2010 and 2009.

IntervalZero has a network of long-term, highly capable global trading Partners that distributes, resells and supports RTX software and that also provides integration services and consultation for system development on the RTX Real-Time Platform. This extensive Partner network adds value throughout a product’s lifecycle. It is important to note that leading Microsoft distributors also resell RTX in France, Japan, India and APAC, and in many cases they develop application-specific drivers.

IntervalZero Customers seek to leverage Ethernet protocols such as EtherCat, Profinet and CANBus, as well as take advantage of automation software such as CoDeSys. IntervalZero’s vendor Partners for those technologies include Koenig, Acontis, IXXAT, Isagraf and Kwsoftware.