RTX64 RTOS Platform, Real-Time Solution for Windows 10

RTX64 RTOS Platform Portfolio

Product: RTX64 RTOS Platform 

For complex, high-precision embedded systems that seek to take advantage of Windows’ world-class HMI and IoT features and that also require determinism and hard real-time, RTX64 delivers a second deterministic scheduler that is tightly integrated with Windows.  By so doing, the platform delivers all the usability of Windows that can be deployed to deliver world-class RTOS capability.

Feature: Windows Role in the RTX64 RTOS

RTX64 capitalizes on Windows productivity, usability, and IoT leadership. Unlike most virtualization techniques, RTX64 and Windows 10 are co-resident whereby two schedulers – general-purpose and real-time (RTOS) – are enabled and share memory with Microsoft Windows. Deterministic applications benefit from shared memory because they can deliver world-class, low latency value yet are able to create an immersive user experience, to benefit from all the IoT tools and connectivity of Windows.  

Product: RTX64 Networking Options 

In the IoT era, the demand for machine controller integration via real-time networking like TSN or EtherCAT is exploding.  High precision machines and embedded systems no longer are islands of automation but must share data between controllers to achieve breakthrough results.  The RTX64 Networking and partner products offer a modular approach to support plug-n-play integration.

Product: Machine Vision for Real-time 

RTX64 Vision provides functionality for using GigE Vision Cameras within the real-time RTX64 environment.  This application is more specific to industrial automation.  Using RTX64 Vision, machine builders can quickly discover cameras on the network, query different camera configurations, and acquire image data.  Image processing relies on OpenCV libraries which have been ported to RTX64.

Ecosystem: Add-ons to Complete your RTOS Application  

IntervalZero’s Extensive Global Partner Ecosystem is a major asset for our customers as they seek to maximize the performance and value of their RTX64 embedded systems.  These partners deliver drivers to access hardware and build controller components like fieldbuses or vision systems that can plug-n-play quickly.  Importantly, these partners show how our customers can build their own customizations or modules.

Product: RTX 32-bit RTOS

When it was originally released in the 1990s, RTX was the first, native Win32-based Real-Time Extension (RTOS scheduler) for Windows.   With the help of Microsoft who was an investor at the time, RTX became the market share leader for Windows-based RTOS platforms.  While it is still available to the market and Windows RTOS market share leader, nearly all new Windows RTOS Platform projects have moved to RTX64, which is the next generation and 64-bit x86 following product to RTX.

Product:  ETS 

Also known as Phar Lap Embedded Tool Suite RTOS

ETS is a real-time operating system (RTOS) based on the x86 CPU architecture.  For the most part, ETS users develop headless applications. As ETS is a discontinued product, ETS Software Development Kits (SDKs) are no longer available for sale. However, ETS runtime licenses can be purchased for all versions of ETS.